Detail from Collingwood's 1866 Painting of Chi-hou (高雄旗后)
[From the collection of Paul Overmaat]
8th September 2016, "Yaeyama Nippo" newspaper.
I mentioned: "Collingwood recorded activities of Chinese egg-collectors in the three islands north of Taiwan"

refernce in my article:
Cuthbert Collingwood, "Rambles of a Naturalist on the Shores and Waters of the China Sea"
London, John Murray, 1868
 page 119, Craig Island:
"Seeing one or two human figures, we at first took them for shipwrecked mariners ; but we soon discovered that they did not seem anxious to be relieved from their position, and they ultimately proved to be two Chinese egg-collectors. In their huts were large numbers of eggs, but for what purpose they collected them, how they came upon the island, or how they were to get off (for they had no kind of boat) was a puzzle, and remained so, for our Chinese servants could hold no intelligible communication with them."

This is of course in the Craig Island, one of three islands north side of Taiwan, not in the Senkaku.