County councilors protest Japanese statement on Diaoyutais

Posted on 2016-01-13 09:06:49

Two Yilan County Councilors are urging the public to write protest letters to a Japanese scholar to express their anger over a recent statement in regards the ownership of Diaoyutai Islands in the East China Sea.

Tsai Wen-yi and Lin Yueh-hsien launched the "one person, one letter" movement Tuesday.

Displaying a copy of a land ownership certificate updated by the Yilan Land Office in September 2004, Tsai yesterday said the document proves the Diaoyutais are registered as part of Toucheng Township.

The call comes days after Nozomu Ishiwi, an associate professor at Nagasaki Junshin Catholic University, said the islands belong to Japan.

The Diaoyutais have been under Japan's administrative control since 1972 - but are also claimed by Taiwan and China.

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