Curriculum Vitae              Date prepared: 03/08/2017

1)   Education
1989 Bachelor of Literature, Division of Chinese Literature, Faculty of Letters, Kyoto University

1993 Master of Literature, History of theatre 12c-19c, Faculty of Letters, Soochow (Suzhou) University

1995 Master of Literature, Division of Literature, Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University

2000 Doctor course completed without degree,  Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University

2)   Teaching experience
2001-2007   Dedicated Lecturer (recent Chinese), Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science

2008            Dedicated Lecturer (lingua Kanbun or classic Chinese), Nagasaki Junshin Catholic University

2009- present    Associate Professor (lingua Kanbun), Nagasaki Junshin Catholic University

3)  Main activities
2013-2015       Member of Investigation Committee, Center for Island Studies, Ocean Policy Research Foundation (海洋政策研究財團島嶼資料センター調查委員)

2015-present   Member of Investigation Committee, Center for Island Studies, The Sasakawa Peace Foundation (笹川平和財團島嶼資料センター調查委員)

2016-present   Special Researcher of Research Team, Cabinet Secretariat Commissioned Research Project on the Senkaku Islands-related Documents (內閣官房委託尖閣資料特別研究員)

27/06/2016      Lecturer,  "Defend The Senkakus! ", Yoshiaki Harada Political Study Group, at Headquarters of Liberal Democratic Party, Tokyo (尖閣を守れ!原田義昭政治研究會、自民黨本部)

14/01/2017      Lecturer,  The Memorial Ceremony of Senkaku Islands Pioneering Anniversary, Ishigaki City Government, at Ishigaki Civic Hall (尖閣諸島開拓の日式典記念講演、石垣市主催)

13/06/2017      Lecturer,  "What is Going On in Okinawa? --- Public Opinion, the Bases, and the Senkaku Islands",  Association to Convey the Truth About Okinawa,  at Hotel Bristol, Genève      

11/09/2017      Lecturer,  "National Boundary and Maritime Defense Line West of the Chogyo/Tiuyu Islands", Public Lecture in Faculty of Law for Hong Kong University, Room 824, Cheng Yu Tung Tower.

17/11/2017      Lecturer,  "The Senkaku Islands are 100% Japanese territory", press conference, held by Diet members, at National Diet Members' Second Office Building, House of Representatives, Tokyo. 

17/09/2018      Lecturer,  "The Current Island Dispute Between Japan and China --- A review by Nozomu Ishiwi of the issue based upon historical documents and maps", at Fredericksburg Rotary Club, Texas.

22/01/2019        Lecturer,  "Between History and Law -- A Newest Report of Senkaku Historical Documents", JIIA Forum (Japan Institute of International Affairs), at Kasumigaseki Building.

4)   Main Publications
"Study on Intonational Arrangement in the Syllabary Table Designed by Shim Yak", ISHIWI Nozomu, "Bulleten of the Department of Chinese Literature Fu Jen Catholic University"22, pp.287-322,  2006 (沈約創定紐位高下說、石海青、『輔仁國文學報』第22期)

"Musical Scale of Zi and Kiok Poetry",  ISHIWI Nozomu, "Tamkang Journal of Chinese Literature"17,  pp.48-69,  2007,  Tamkang University(詞曲定調、石海青、いしゐのぞむ、『淡江中文學報』第17期)

"The Circling Method in Syllabaries of Han and Kana Characters",  ISHIWI Nozomu, "Studies in Chinese linguistics"25,  pp.87-99,  2008,  The Chinese University of Hong Kong  (倭漢音圖旋法解、石海青、いしゐのぞむ、香港中文大學『中國語文研究』第25期)

"Big India, Small China", ISHIWI Nozomu, "Chugoku Kenkyu Ronso" (China Research Journal) 11, pp.153-174, 2011,  Kazan Foundation(大印度小チャイナ說、霞山會『中國研究論叢』第11號)

"Hanvun historical documents of Senkaku Tiohisu Islands",   ISHIWI Nozomu,  251pages,  2012,  Institute for Comparative Studies of Culture, Nagasaki Junshin Catholic University (和訓淺解尖閣釣魚列島漢文史料、いしゐのぞむ、長崎純心大學比較文化研究所)

"Guides and Foreigners, Between East and West Borders  :  Respond Prof. Shaw's Article on New York Times",  ISHIWI Nozomu,   "The journal of islands studies"(2)2,  pp.111-127,  2013  (前導者と記録者、東西二界の間にて、ニューヨークタイムズの邵氏の文に駁す、いしゐのぞむ、『島嶼研究ジャーナル』第2卷第2號)

"Senkaku Refutation Manual 100" (Senkaku Hanbaku Manuaru Hyakudai),   ISHIWI Nozomu,  413pages,  2014,  Shukousha Publication(尖閣反駁マニュアル百題、いしゐのぞむ、集廣舍)

"Notes on David Helliwell's The Clashing Rocks" ISHIWI Nozomu, "The journal of islands studies"(3)2, pp.128-137, 2014 (デビッド・ヘリウェル、ぶつかり合ふ岩山、尖閣諸島と2册の航路案内書、附記、『島嶼研究ジャーナル』第3卷第2號)

"Research Kon (Kun) Opera and Folklore, Connect Taiwan and Nagasaki"   ISHIWI Nozomu, "Correspondence of Classic Theatre Research" 9,  pp.328-350,  National Central University, Taiwan  (研究崑曲與民俗、維繫臺灣與長崎、臺灣國立中央大學『戲曲研究通訊』第9期)

"Here Comes the False History Again! Debunking the Fallacy That China Discovered South China Sea Islands Two Thousand Years Ago",  ISHIWI Nozomu,  Taiwan People News (Internet),  22/12/2015  (假歷史又來了!中國發現南海諸島兩千年說之闢謬、石井望、臺灣『民報』網路版)

"Invalid Materials of Modern Senkakus History",  ISHIWI Nozomu, "Chugoku Kenkyu Ronso" (China Research Journal) 15, pp.129-153, 2015,  Kazan Foundation(尖閣現代史料無效說、霞山會『中國研究論叢』第15號)

"Three Discussions on Chogyosho History, Handout materials of The 4th Research Forum on The East China Sea Problem, The Tokyo Foundation & Institute of Japanese Studies in Chinese Academy of Social Sciences" (Chogyosho-shi Sangi),  ISHIWI Nozomu,  64pages,  2016,  self printing(釣魚嶼史三議、東京財團・中華人民共和國社會科學院日本研究所、第四囘東シナ海問題研究會發布資料、いしゐのぞむ自印)

"The Spratly Islands have been beyond the Chinese borders since ancient times------South and East China Sea: It is time to set aside the false history"   ISHIWI Nozomu,  Independent Opinion@CommonWealth Magazine (Internet),  27/06/2016  (南沙自古在界外──南海東海,是時候撇開假歷史了、石井望、臺灣『天下雜誌獨立評論』網路版)

"The Arbitration Tribunal Did Not Refute the Assertion of Latitude Measurement of Gen (Yuan) Empire but Condemn The Taiwan Authorities of China"  ISHIWI Nozomu,  Storm Media (Internet),  24/07/2016  (仲裁庭不反駁元國測緯之說,卻罵中國的台灣當局、石井望、臺灣『風傳媒』網路版)

"Six Articles on East Asia Researching in the Years Heisei 27, 28",  ISHIWI Nozomu, "Junshin journal of studies in humanities" 23, pp.382-329, 2017 (乙未丙申東方學雜録六首、『純心人文研究』第23號)

"History of the Senkaku Territorial Waters",  ISHIWI Nozomu, Nagasaki Junshin Catholic University Graduate School "Studia Humanitatis" 15, pp.63-86, 2017  (尖閣海域史辨妄、長崎純心大學院『人間文化研究』第15號)

"The True History of Senkakus, China Can Not Refute", Sekihei (creator), ISHIWI Nozomu (supervise historical documents), Fusosha Publishing Inc., 2017(石平『中國が反論できない眞實の尖閣史』、いしゐのぞむ監修史料)

5)   Main Presentations  
"Musical Scale of Zi and Kiok Poetry",  ISHIWI Nozomu, "The 10th Literature and Aesthetics, and The 2nd Chinese Thought of Literature and Art International Academic Conference",  22/06/2007,  Tamkang University  (詞曲定調、石海青、淡江大學「第十屆文學與美學暨第二屆中國文藝思想國際學術研討會」)

"Zi (Ci) Poetry Loutousa (Langtaosha) Melody Incorporated in Theatre", ISHIWI Nozomu, "The 2nd Chinese Ci Poetics International Academic Conference",  09/12/2009,  Macau University (詩餘浪淘沙入劇考、澳門大學「第二屆中華詞學國際學術研討會)

"Three Discussions on Chogyosho History" (Chogyosho-shi Sangi),  ISHIWI Nozomu,  25/02/2016,  at Shonan Village, The 4th Research Forum on The East China Sea Problem, Co-hosted by The Tokyo Foundation & Institute of Japanese Studies in Chinese Academy of Social Sciences  (釣魚嶼史三議,いしゐのぞむ,東京財團、中華人民共和國社會科學院日本研究所共辦,第四回東シナ海問題研究會,湘南國際村)

"Compare the Senkaku sea area in two kinds of East India maps", British Association for Chinese Studies (BACS) Annual Conference, King’s College London, Strand Campus, ISHIWI, Nozomu, S2.28 room, 13:30 p.m. 13th September 2018.